Gurkha Regent 6.0×50 Thursday, Sep 29 2005 

Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Natural Honduran
Filler: Long filler
Size: Toro 6″x50 ring

This was a beautiful box pressed cigar. I was given this cigar by a guy at my local B&M. I was shocked. He had a box that his rep gave him when he asked for some freebies for an event. Wow! This is a super premium and it was great. The flavor was so rich and smooth. The burn was perfect, the draw was perfect. I really enjoyed this cigar. The press was a little more severe than what I usually go for but it didn’t bother me. The flavor was slightly spicy and slightly sweet at the same time. It was very unique and delicious. Unfortunately this cigar is bit too expensive for me to smoke very often. Chances are I won’t land another one of these for free.

Gurkha Master Select 6.0×52 Saturday, Jul 9 2005 

Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Habana 2000
Filler: Domician Long Filler
Size: Toro Grande 6″x52 ring

This was a great cigar. I smoked it last night. It is a medium to full flavored cigar but mild in strength. It tasted great with a cedar like flavor to it. It burns very smoothly and is a nice easy draw. My only complaint is that I couldn’t smoke it to the nub. It started to get too harsh for my tastes once I got down to the last 2 inches or so. The ash was a nice grayish white and it held together well. I had almost 2 inches of ash before I tapped it, but I probably could have waited even longer to do so. I just didn’t want it falling off on my friends patio. Definitely a good smoke. I’ll probably order a five pack of these sometime in the future, but not something I’d want a whole box of.

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