Tatuaje “The Drac” Wednesday, Mar 3 2010 


Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Habano Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: Torpedo 63/4 x 52 ring

Plenty has been said already about the Tatuaje Drac and the rest of the monster series.  I have talked about them at length in my posts on The Frank and Boris.  I’ll just do a quick summary here.  The Drac is the 2nd in a limited edition series of cigars by Tatuaje that is release around Halloween every year.  they are extremely limited and highly sought after making for an extremely hard to find cigar.  Last year I was lucky enough to get a whole box of The Frank.  This year I wasn’t so lucky but I did manage to get my hands on two of The Drac cigars.

The Drac is a large Torpedo that comes in a shiny black lacquered, coffin-shaped box.  The torpedo shape imparts a fang like or stake like image either of which is appropriate for a cigar named after the worlds most famous vampire.  It has a black and red band at the foot and is stored in its coffin upside down with the foot of the cigar at the top of the coffin just as Dracula was reported to sleep in his coffin upside down.

The Drac delivers pleasant medium bodied flavors of wood, earth, and leather with subtle sweetness on the finish.  The draw was excellent, but the burn on my first sample was not good at all.  It required constant attention continually becoming uneven.  The ash was very flaky and did not hold well at all.  The cigar also went out on me twice during the last half of the smoke and it wasn’t due to inattention as I was trying very hard to keep the thing burning right and lit.  These kind of construction issues are not at all typical of Tatuaje cigars and based on what I have read about The Drac, they really aren’t at all typical of this smoke either.  I think maybe I just got a bum stick or maybe I didn’t give it enough time in the humidor to settle in.

I have one more Drac and I am going to give it some significant time to rest in my humidor before I revisit this cigar.  Flavor wise it was a very good and very enjoyable smoke if not as complex as most other Tatuajes, but the burn issues really detracted from my enjoyment of it.  Whenever I have a cigar that performs this way I chalk it up to a likely fluke and I make plans to revisit the cigar in the future.  That is exactly what I plan to do with The Drac.

Tatuaje “The Frank” Wednesday, Dec 10 2008 


Country: USA
Wrapper: Sun-Grown Broadleaf
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: Double Corona 75/8″ x 49 ring

Plucked from its blood splattered coffin, it is time to put this green banded monster to flame. OK, the truth is I couldn’t bring myself to break into the coffin yet so this one is an extra single I picked up but it came from a coffin too, just not mine.  The Frank is a special ultra-limited release from Pete Johnson and his Tatuaje brand.  Using the blend for the Tatuaje Taino, the corojo wrapper is replaced with a sun-grown broadfleaf wrapper and in place of the brown band is a ghoulish green band adorned with the Tatuaje name and trademark flor de lys.  They were released as a first in a series of 13 special Halloween cigars from Tatuaje.  Only 666 boxes were made and they were release to just 13 retailers selected by lottery throughout the States.  In the coffin shaped box are 13 monstrous cigars.  I was lucky enough to have my local cigar shop, Empire Cigars, selected as one of the 13 retailers to get The Frank.  What makes me even luckier is that I was able to get myself a box of these rare and special treats.  Since Empire was one of the 13 to get The Frank, they will not be eligible for next years release which will be “The Drac”.  The Drac is reported to be a torpedo that is banded at the foot and placed into their coffins upside down just like the way Dracula was reported to like sleeping in his coffin.  We’ll have to wait and see how lucky I am next year at trying to get my hands of a box of those.  For now, it is time to get back to The Frank… (more…)

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