Happy New Year!!!! Wednesday, Dec 31 2008 


I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year. I am going to make my last cigar of 2008 my favorite smoke.  It currently graces the number one spot in my Top 5. I’ll be enjoying a Tatuaje Reserva SW this New Year’s Eve.  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what was your last cigar of 2008.

Be sure to check back tomorrow. I’ll be posting my 100th cigar review on this site. I’ll be sharing my thoughts on the Tatuaje (Black Label) Private Reserve.

Merry X-mas and Happy Holidays! Wednesday, Dec 24 2008 


Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah! Smoke good, Drink good, Eat good, and be Merry!!!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.



Happy Thanksgiving! Thursday, Nov 27 2008 


Just a quick Happy Turkey Day to all my BOTL and SOTL out there!  Hope you’re smoking something good today.

Debt Free!!! Wednesday, Nov 26 2008 


A quick personal announcement of joy…..

It took 16 months of discipline and focus but my wife and I are now debt free (except for our mortgage)!!!!!  We made the last payment on her car today and now we are out of debt and ready to move on to the next step which is saving for retirement and the kids’ college.  We are doing all this on the Dave Ramsey Total Money Makeover.  It’s a great book and a great system for getting your financial house in order.  I recommend the book as a must read for anyone who carries a balance on a loan or credit card.

Unfortunately, I am out of town and away from my humidor, otherwise I would be digging out an extra special cigar to celebrate this momentus occasion.  But I did pack and El Truinfador Lancero so I spark that up today.  It isn’t a bad subsititue in the absence of my best smokes.

CigarsDirect.com March Madness Contest Saturday, Mar 15 2008 

CigarsDirect.com is holding a March madness Contest. It’s a chance to win some really great cigars so go signup and fill out your brackets. Here is the details…

March Madness is here and CigarsDirect.com is looking for
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The 5 players with the highest total points will win!

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Chest Colds are… Thursday, Aug 23 2007 

…MISERABLE.  I’ve been trying to kick this thing for almost three weeks and it just keeps hanging around.  Man I would love to smoke a cigar….

Wednesday night, off to the TOC. Wednesday, Nov 16 2005 

I haven’t had a cigar in over two weeks because of a cold that hung around too long. I’m finally feeling better so I’m off to the local shop for the weekly Wednesday night smoke. My humidor is overflowing, but I am still going to head to the shop and pick up a smoke there tonight. I probably should save the money and smoke what I have, but it is a lot of fun hanging out with the guys at the shop while enjoying a good smoke. I’ll probably try to lighten the load on my humidor some this weekend and maybe I’ll try to do another review.

This calls for a special cigar. Friday, Sep 16 2005 

Tomorrow is my daughter’s first birthday party. My house is going to be packed to the gills with family and friends. Luckily it will be a nice day so some of the action will be able to spill out into the back yard. Once the action begins to wind down and the crowd thins out, I plan to enjoy a really good cigar out on the back patio. It will either be my 2004 Camacho Liberty 11/18 or one of my CAO Palms SuperBowl Perfectos. I think it will end up being a game time (smoke time) decision.

Back from Myrtle Thursday, Sep 1 2005 

What a great week at the beach. The weather was perfect the whole time I was there and I capped off every night with a cigar and a Guinness. I got to check out Nick’s Cigar World. It is a great cigar shop. A huge selection, just about anything you might be looking for from A to Z. In fact that is how he had them organized. I picked up a few sticks of his house blends. I got a few more of the Cubana Selects that I had reviewed in an earlier post. I also picked up a couple of the Geminis, and a Los Patriots. I also got a Monticristo White toro. I have never tried one. I’m gonna let it spend about 6 months or so in my humidor before I try it. I want to let it rest a little before its big debut. I already tried one of the Geminis. It is a good smoke and I’ll try to get my review of it up soon. I was also considering waiting until I smoked my second Gemini and then review it. I’m still up in the air about that.

Overall a great trip with plenty of relaxing cigar smoking. Who could ask for more from a vacation.

A new smoke tonight… Friday, Aug 19 2005 

I plan on trying a new smoke tonight before my poker game. The same friend that recommended I go check out Nick’s Cigar World while I am down in Myrtle Beach later this month gave me one of Nick’s “house blends” to try. It is called Cubana Select. It was described to me as an excellent mild to medium bodied smoke. If it is as good as advertised, it will be made even sweeter by the fact that these sticks come in under $3 bucks a piece. Another step towards my quest to find the best cheap cigar out there 🙂

I’ll post my review of the cigar sometime tomorrow.

ACID by Drew Estate… Wednesday, Aug 17 2005 

I decided I needed to smoke a cigar last night, but I wasn’t at home and didn’t think far enough ahead to bring one from my humidor with me so I bought one. I was in the store’s humidor looking through the selection trying to decide what I wanted to smoke and I saw that they had some of the ACID cigars by Drew Estate. I had heard about these cigars and read a little about them. The tobacco used to make them is cured in special rooms full of aromatic… whatever… to give these cigars unique (some would say weird) aromas. I had thought it would be neat to try one. They sounded interesting. Well I picked one up, took a whiff of it and… Whoa! The thing reeked. Smelled like a lady wearing too much perfume. The smell was enough to scare me off last night. I wasn’t looking to be that adventurous. I just wanted a good smoke to help me relax before a game of poker. So, I didn’t buy one. Instead I just picked up a reliable, and always exceptional Excalibur. Of course it was a fantastic smoke and was exactly what I was looking for. I already shared my thoughts on this particular cigar in a previous post. This excerpt is to relay my experience with the ACID cigars. I may try a stick one day when I am in the mood for something less traditional, but the aroma of these cigars seemed so strong that it gives me pause. If anyone has tried one of these ACID cigars please share your thoughts on it. I’d like to hear from someone who has actually smoked one or two of them.

Pending Trip to Myrtle Beach Friday, Aug 5 2005 

I’m just a couple weeks away from a much needed vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. A friend of mine was down there recently and he told me about a cigar shop that he said I must check out. It’s a place called Nick’s Cigar World. I added a link to their site on the left with the other cigar links. My friend told me the place is great. A huge show room and a great smoking lounge with a big screen TV and a keg of beer. Sounds like heaven. In addition to this, my friend said to try one of Nick’s house brands. Apparently one of the cigar manufacturers makes a special blend exclusively for Nick’s. I have been told it’s a premium cigar for a bargain price. I’m really looking forward to visiting the place while I’m down there. I’ll post my own thoughts on the place when I get back, but if you find yourself in Myrtle Beach, be sure to go check them out.

What is your favorite "early" cigar? Friday, Jul 22 2005 

What I mean by this is what cigar do you like to smoke when you decided to partake early in the day… whether that’s a cigar with your morning coffee, after breakfast, or a late morning smoke.
Which cigar best suits your palate early in the day?
To be honest I haven’t ever lit up before noon. I have thought about it. A good mild cigar with a good cup of coffee sounds like a great way to kick off a cool spring or autumn morning. I just haven’t found a cigar that I feel would work for me that early in the morning. I’m curious to hear what some of you morning smokers like to puff on to start the day. Use the comments link at the bottom of this post. Feel free to post anonymously if you’d like, or if you do not have a blogspot account.

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