For the past 6 years now I have been writing about my experiences with a wide variety of cigars. I have thoroughly enjoyed it and everything that came along with it.  I truly appreciate all the people who have read my blog whether it was just one time or if you were a loyal reader from the beginning and all in between.  I hope some of what I have publish here has been interesting at the least, and perhaps even occasionally helpful to some.

I feel it is time to “hang it up” and smoke just for smoking’s sake at this point.  I still enjoy a wide variety of cigars on a regular basis and plan to continue doing so but I seem to have lost my desire to put forth the effort to write about them here on the blog.  I prefer now for my hobby to remain more true to its stated purpose of relaxation and escapism, removing anything that even resembles work from the equation.

I will keep the site up indefinitely and will maintain the domain name at least through 2012 in case I find that retirement from blogging is a mistake and feel the need to take back up the torch and begin writing again. I guess you can call it the “Brett Favre Caveat”.  Plus I still hope the blog can serve as a bit of reference material for folks.  But for now I am done. I suppose I shouldn’t rule out the possibility of an occasional post here and there should the mood strike, but right now it just doesn’t seem likely that it would happen very often if at all.  Running a one man blog can be a bit cumbersome because all the responsibility for content falls on you.  Maybe when I am ready to get back into this I’ll come up with a different idea or different medium/outlet for my reviews.

Thanks again everyone and I will see you at the cigar shop, or on the forums, or on twitter, or perhaps on Google+.

twitter: @lorax429
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