Everyone has one of these. Whether it is a Top5, 10, or 25, Whatever the number everyone has a list and no two are the same. And they shouldn’t be. These lists are the opinion of the smoker who writes them, and they are based on that persons tastes and experience. Keep that in mind as you read my list. Chances are you aren’t going to agree with it, but then you aren’t supposed to… Right? 😉 . You probably have your own list so feel free to share yours by leaving it in the comments below. I love seeing what others enjoy and why. It often points me in the direction of things I have yet to try. Also like everyone does with these kinds of lists, I am attaching a disclaimer. This list represents my top 5 cigars at the time I wrote it. It is subject to change and I promise you it will change, probably sooner rather than later. It is a living list that seems to be constantly in motion as I discover cigars I have yet to try. That being the case, there is a good chance… no, I’d say better than good chance that this list will not be updated as often as the list in my head changes, but I will make an effort to update it occasionally, especially if there is a major shift in the rankings. So without further delay, here it is:

Version 3.0
[Updated 8/27/2010]

1. Tatuaje Reserva SW

Still my favorite…
Time after time I am blown away by this cigar. It is smooth, refined and creamy. There is a myriad of subtle flavors that work their way in an out during the course of smoking one. Every time I sit down with one of these sticks I know I am in for a special treat.

2. Viaje Double Edge Sword

This cigar was a complete surprise to me. I like Viaje cigars but when I tried this limited edition I was not expecting what I got. What I got was an amazing smoking experience. This perfecto is closed on both ends. A quick clip to both tips and I started puffing away. At first I was getting a strong and very robust assault on my palate. I thought this cigars was going to be a monster, trying its best to knock me down. What happened instead was a one-eighty from where I thought I was headed. The cigar mellowed considerably and I was treated to a very unique spice that I had never tasted in a cigar before. I am unable to find the right words to describe it. This light spice was complimented by weave of mellow yet distinct flavors like chocolate, espresso, leather, hard wood, and even a hint of cinnamon. I enjoyed every second of this perfectly constructed cigar. The only bad thing about them is that there aren’t enough of them to go around. I really wish I were able to get my hands on some more of these. If they were more readily available they would likely challenge the Reserva SW for the number one spot on this list.

3. Tatuaje Havana Cazadores

(Moved up from #4)
This is the Reserva SW’s tough little brother. A little rougher around the edges and packing a bigger punch, this robust smoke still brings plenty of complexity to the table. I could smoke one of these just about every day and be happy. As good as these are fresh, they benefit immensely from some aging as well. One of these beauties with 2 to 3 years of rest in a well maintained humidor, and some of the edge comes off and some more subtle flavors are able to come through.

4. Cruzado Elitas

(Moved up from #5)
If I was obliged to select the best new cigar of 2008, without a doubt the Cruzado Elitas would have my vote and it wouldn’t even be close. In a year that brought us an amazing amount of fantastic new cigars, the Cruzado Elitas was far and away the best of all of them. This firecracker of a cigar is the creation of Dion Giolito who is also the man that brought us the Illusione line of cigars. The Elitas sports a Criollo wrapper and a stylish pigtail cap. It is a powerful, robust smoke that comes at you swinging with the first puff. Spicy with a slightly sweet finish, there is lots of leather, earth, chocolate and more. It is a dynamic cigar changing up on you three or four times in the course of the smoke. It is a fantastic cigar from start to finish. I don’t recommend trying to tackle this one with an empty stomach. Its as powerful as it is flavorful.

5. Oliva Serie V Belicoso


The Oliva Serie V Belicosos are second only to the Tatuaje Havana Cazdores as the cigar I reach for most often. A short, thick, slow burning stogie packed full of robust flavors of earth and leather balanced nicely by creamy wood flavors like oak. It is smooth smoking yet packs a nice little punch. It has become one of my “go to” cigars. I know each time I light one I won’t be disappointed.

Former Top 5 Cigars:

This is a list of cigars that were once part of my top 5 and the position they held in the list at the time they were dropped along with the date they were dropped.

Dropped 8/2010
2.Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo du Roi (2000)
3. Ramon Allones Specially Selected(2005)

Dropped 3/2009
4. Oliva Master Blends (original 2003)
5. Perdomo Edición de Silvio Cameroon Toro