This past Friday the cigar community lost one of the truly great Brothers of the Leaf.  Eddie Abbot was taken from us far too early after a battle with a brain tumor.  Eddie was a beloved husband and father as well as a beloved member and friend to the guys of Blowinsmoke.net and cigar lovers in general.  He was a proud father who took every chance he had to brag on his kids and was a truly generous soul.  He made friends of everyone he came in contact with.  Proof of that was evident to all the guys who got to know him on the cigar forums.  Most of us never got a chance to meet him in person, a few were blessed to have met him and spent some time with him.  I only knew him on the forum, but I still consider him a friend.  He was one of the most generous Brothers I’ve met.  Eddie loved good cigars and I know he really enjoyed a good Opus X cigar.  He even loved to share them with his fellow BOTL whenever he had a chance.  If you were ever lucky enough to be surprised by one of his generous “cigar bombs” chances are there was an Opus in there for you to enjoy.  Today is an unseasonably warm day after an extended bitter cold snap here in NC.  I think that this warm day is courtesy of Eddie so that I could have an opportunity to go outside and enjoy an Opus with him because I am sure he is up in heaven smoking one with me now.  I’m smoking this 4 year old Opus X Super Belicoso in honor of Eddie.

Rest in peace Eddie.  You are going to be missed, and may God bless you and your family.  My prayers are with you and them.