Country: Cuba
Size: Panetela 6.0″ x 38 ring

This was a gift I received a few years ago from one of the best BOTL’s on the planet.  AndyMiami is one of the most genuinely generous people on the planet.  He’s a good cook to boot.  Just check out his blog Andy’s Diner and you’ll see what I mean.  Just a friendly warning, don’t look at it while you’re hungry. I decided I have held onto this stick long enough and it is time to enjoy it with a nice glass of Zaya Rum to sip on.  Andy sent me this back in January of 2007 so this stick is at least 4 years old at this point so I figure it is probably ready.

The cigar is beautiful.  Cohiba’s seem to have a unique shade of light brown that no other cigar seems to duplicate.  It is topped with a small pig tail and dressed in the Cohiba band, it looks the part of an elegant and expensive cigar.    After clipping off the pigtail I took a test draw and predictably it was a little tight.  I find a tight draw to be very common with Cuban cigars.  It is annoying to me really, but this one wasn’t so bad as to cause me any issue.  It starts off better than any cigar I can think of.   Right off the bat the flavors are smooth and creamy with slightly sweet notes of vanilla and honey perfectly balanced with subtle brine and that classic Cuban twang.  During the course of the smoke I also picked up on coffee notes, as well as toasted bread and some occasional burst of pepper near the end.  The last third of the smoke was very robust and the strength of the cigar just continued to build and by the end it was quite a strong smoke.  The cigar was very complex and I enjoyed the way it built up in strength and body, starting out with creamy somewhat mild flavors and gradually transitioning into the more robust and earthy flavors near the end.  This cigar was a real treat.  Thanks Andy.  You ‘da man.