Time for a Top 5 Update Friday, Aug 27 2010 

I was browsing around my site the other day reading some old reviews and just checking out some of the areas of the blog I don’t look at everyday. While on my click-a-bout I came across my top 5 smokes page and noticed it had been a while since the last update to my list of favorite cigars. I reflected a bit on what was included in the list a decided is was time for an update. It had been long enough since the last up date that I consider this a major revision so now we have Matt’s Top 5 Smokes v3.0. So if you are at all interested in what my current favorites are, go check it out.

IPCPR 2010 Wednesday, Aug 18 2010 


So last week was the cigar industry’s big trade show down in New Orleans. All the Manufacturers get together to show off there new wares for the next year. It looks like there is a lot of interesting new stuff that will be coming to market soon. So Items of particular interest to me are:


Pete Johnson is adding some to the original Brown Label line which he hasn’t done in a while outside of the once every three year new vitola for the Cojonu extension. He is added a new size, the 7th to the standard and Reserva lines which I believe is a corona gorda. The standard will have a corojo wrapper and the Reserva will have a broadleaf wrapper. There will also be a Petite Cazadores Reserva and the Petite Tatuaje Reserva. I look forward to trying all of these.

Drew Estate

The Dirty Rat that we have all heard so much about, and that some have been lucky enough to have tried already should be available soon. I have heard a lot of great things said about this cigar. I am anxious to give one a smoke.


Dion has a limited release on the way called the Singulare Phantom.  Production was limited to 1000 boxes of 15 so this will be very limited.

There is a bunch more news and revelations that came out of this years show.  Some of the other blogs actually had feet ont he ground at the show and provided excellent coverage of the events and products.  If you haven’t seen them use these links below to check it out and get up to speed on all the new stuff….

The Stogie Guys had excellent coverage of the event:

Stogie News: IPCPR Trade Show Preview (Part 1)
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Live Updates from the IPCPR Trade Show (Day 3)
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The Smoking Hot Cigar Chick Made the trip as well:

Photo Updates From IPCPR 2010 in NOLA
Returning Home from IPCPR 2010
In NOLA for IPCPR 2010

The Stogie Review reports on the part of the show every red-blooded American male wants to know about:

Women of IPCPR (2010)

And there is plenty more to be found out there in the cigar blogsphere if your interested.  Just click around and you’ll find it.

August Hiatus 2010 Sunday, Aug 1 2010 


As is my custom, I am preparing to take a month long break from cigars during the month of August.  It is wicked hot here in North Carolina in the month of August and it makes for a good time to take a break and reset/refresh the palate.  I have a review or two queued up that I may decide to post in August just to keep things fresh.  I also usually find something else to post about during the month so the blog doesn’t shut completely down while I am on my break.  I am really in need of the break this year as I feel I have gotten a bit worn down in a lot of different ways.  Anyway, be sure to check back at least once in a while during the next month as there is bound to be something new posted and then we will be back int the full swing of things come September.

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