Today a new Federal Tax on Tanning went into effect. The new tax is part of a health care reform bill that put a 10% tax on the use of tanning beds. Tanning beds have now been lumped in with tobacco, alcohol, gambling and the other sin taxes. All you anti-tobacco zealots and all the apathetic people who didn’t see the prohibitive taxation of tobacco as a big deal; for those you that fall into those categories and love to go to the salon to get your “base tan” started for the beach season… WE TOLD YOU SO!

When the latest wave of tax attacks came after tobacco and in particular cigars, lots of cigar enthusiasts including myself railed against the injustice of it and warned everyone that once you open the door for this kind of regulation and taxation it won’t be long before the government starts to come after the luxuries you like to enjoy. Today just proves us right. Now the nanny state has declared your tanning habit as unhealthy and it starts with this 10% tax. Now the door has been opened and the spot light has been shone on the tanning industry. Next the states will join in with the taxes and then it won’t be long before some health care advocacy group starts calling for regulation of the tanning industry and then all the fake bake lovers out there will be singing the same song we cigar smokers have been singing for the past few years.

Come on over and take a seat on the couch with us. There is plenty of room and we will be joined by more groups still. It is easy to see what’s next. All you fitness fanatics who love your dietary supplements. Get ready. You are probably next to get hit by increased taxes and then someone will have the bright idea to expand the FDA to regulate all those supplements. Then all your protein shakes and thermogenic pills will disappear from the shelves under the weight of government regulation.

Welcome to the club….