So here are the results of the poll.  It was a close race between the two cigars that were at the top of my personal list, the Tatuaje Reserva SW Maduro and the Cohiba Robusto Reserva.  It is funny because the last time I did a poll like this for my 100th review, I had a Tatuaje Black and a regular Cohiba Robusto on the poll and those two did the best on that poll with the Tatuaje just barely winning out over the Cohiba.  This time it is the Cohiba that edges out the Tatuaje.  I guess I know what kind of cigars you guys like.

So Matt’s Cigar Journal will have a review of the 2003 Cohiba Robusto Reserva for the blogs 5 year anniversary which is on June 23rd.  Thanks for voting and helping me decide which special smoke to celebrate this milestone with.  Check back on the 23rd to see the review.