So later this month, Matt’s Cigar Journal will be turning 5 years old.  Five years in Internet age is like 50 in human years.  Sites come and go virtually every second on the web, so for me to have kept this thing going for 5 years feels like an accomplishment of sorts for me.  A big anniversary like this deserves to be celebrated so I am going to review a special cigar for that day and I am going to look to my readers to help me decide what it will be.  Please take a moment to answer the poll question and let me know which of these cigars you think is most appropriate for Matt’s Cigar Journal’s 5 Year Anniversary Review. You can leave comments on this post if you’d like to elaborate on your vote.  I only possess one of each of the cigars listed in this poll so it will be a special event when I smoke it.  The review will be posted on June 23rd, the day my blog turns 5.

I will shut down this poll on June 16th and announce my selection.