The White Band Project 2010 is the second annual blind review project between Matt’s Cigar Journal and Zen & the Art of the Cigar. You can read about the project, its criteria and rules by clicking here.

Cigar number 4 is a dark, oily, rustic cigar.  It looks like a maduro or an oscuro wrapper and measures 5 inches Long.  I’d say it is a 50 ring gauge, your standard robusto.  The first inch or so of this cigar was very harsh and bitter and very powerful.  Thankfully it mellowed out a bit after that.  It was a medium to full bodied smoke with strong flavors of earth and leather and wood with a slight sweet undertone. At the halfway mark the smoke developed a chewiness to it but the flavors became a bit muddled. There is quite a bit of strength in this cigar, packing a fairly strong nicotine kick. The flavors and the strength have me thinking this is a Nicaraguan cigar. The last third was surprisingly mellow (considering how robust the rest of the smoke was)  with flat notes of burnt wood.

The construction was excellent. A good draw, even burn, and a well formed ash that held well. It didn’t finish very strong but overall it was a very nice smoke.  This cigar seemed very familiar to me.  I could very well change my mind after smoking the third cigar but at this point I think these cigars may be made by Oliva. I’ll even go as far as to say this particular cigar, if it was indeed an Oliva may have been an El Cobre Robusto.  It was far too robust to be an “O” Maduro and besides not really tasting like a “G”, it also isn’t box pressed like a “G” would be.   That said, I’ll reserve my final verdict until after I smoke the last cigar. Boy this could get embarrassing if I’m wrong……

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