The time has come once again for me to team up with my friend Jamie of Zen & the Art of the Cigar for a series of Blind Reviews.  Last January Jamie and I each exchanged three cigars for the other to review, but before we handed them over, we removed the manufacturer’s bands and replaced them with our own plain white bands numbered 1 through 6.  You can click here to read about last years blind review series and you’ll find links there to the actual reviews.  Last years series involved us each selecting 3 different cigars that were differentiated by price range.  We each prvided the other with a bargain cigar, and mid-range cigar, and an expensive top-shelf premium cigar.  This year we are changing the rules. Taking a page out of Camacho’s book we are going to run this series of reviews kind of like Camacho’s Black Band Project.  This time we are each selecting one cigar maker and will then select three different cigars made by that manufacturer.    For example, I could choose Camacho as the cigar maker and then I would provide Jamie three different cigars by Camacho.  For the sake of this example lets say I would give him a Camacho Select, a Triple Maduro, and a Room 101.  Then I’d remove the bands, number them and hand them over to Jamie to review.  He’d select some other cigar maker, or the same, I’d have no way of knowing nor would he.  He will give me three different cigars from whatever cigar maker he chose and I would review those cigars blind.

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with the concept of a blind review, all it means is that we will be smoking each of these cigars without knowing who made the cigar and what the name of the cigar is or anything else about it besides what we observe with our own eyes and tastebuds.   The idea is that we will give unbiased accounts and opinions of the cigars without be influenced by any prejudices we might have about a particular brand or line of cigars.  We had a lot of fun doing this last year.  The results were interesting and it generated a lot of great conversation at the cigar shop.  So here we are, doing it again.  This time I cooked up a fancy new Logo for the series and some fancy bands for the cigars.  Jamie and I meet tonight to exchange cigars. The reviews will be published on Thursdays over the next three weeks followed by a wrap-up that will include the big revelation of what each of the cigars actually was. Be sure to check back weekly to keep up with the project.

Here is a picture of the three cigars Jamie will be reviewing…



Here is a picture of the cigars that Jamie gave me to review…


Below is a list of the reviews for this project. As the reviews are posted this list will be updated with links to each of the reviews.