What’s New… Tuesday, Aug 18 2009 


So now that the IPCPR show is over, everyone is a buzz about all the new stuff on the way.   Details from the show have been posted about all over the blogs and forums so no need to rehash it all here.  These are merely the tidbits I saw that interested me the most.

Cain by Sam Leccia and Oliva.

    I am very interested in this cigar. I have heard very good things about it and the fact that it is about 99% ligero is always intriguing. I also find it interesting that Sam has decided to provide a lot of detail about the cigar and its blend with the cigar. A brochure is to be included with each box spilling all the details a cigar enthusiast could want about the cigars. Very cool.

Tatuaje (all of it).

    This bullet should come as no surprise to anyone.   There is the Black Tubos, the Verocu Tubos, the Drac, the La Verite, a ton of interesting new Tatuaje swag.  Pete has obviously been busy and of course that hasn’t escaped my notice.

Illusione Nosotros.

    Dion’s collaboration with Drew Estate.  After trying the Liga Privada T-52 and seeing first hand that Drew Estate could blend a good traditional cigar, I have become more excited about this little project.

Drew Estate Liga Privada T-52.

    I was able to smoke this gem before it was unveiled at the show.  You can read my review here.  I am looking forward to trying the final release and see if they managed to preserve or improve upon the pre-production blend I was able to sample.

Those are the highlights I am most interested in.  There is probably some more stuff I haven’t heard about yet that I am sure I could easily add to this list.   What are you most excited about?


On Hiatus Wednesday, Aug 5 2009 

So every August I take a break from smoking cigars. If you’ve been a reader of my site for a while, you already know this. If you are new to my blog I’ll offer this brief explanation. I like to give myself a break, to reset and refresh my palate. Also it is wicked hot in NC in the month of August and usually just don’t feel like smoking out in the heat and humidity. I’ve talked about it before here and here.

I will be back at it in September. Some things I am working on for my return include a side by side comparison review of the original 2006 Tatuaje Reserva Noellas made with an oscuro ligero wrapper and the current 2009 version that sports a broadleaf wrapper. I also plan on reviewing the Liga Privada No.9 and the Illusione ~hl~ along with my reviews for CigarsDirect.com.  I hope to come up with an interesting thing or two to post about this month while I am on this break to make sure the blog stays active.

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