That’s right. I can see. This is significant because before last Wednesday I could not do so without the aid of contacts or glasses. Today, I can see without those troublesome devices. I had my eyeballs polished with lasers!

I am still kind of in awe of the whole thing. Last week I had custom Lasik eye surgery to correct my vision and today my vision is better than it has ever been at 20/10. I have had glasses ever since elementary school, so almost my entire life. Seeing without glasses is like a miracle to me. I am still coming to grips with it. It is as much an emotional as it is physical change in a strange way.

The reason I mention it here on my cigar blog is as an excuse. My eyes are still healing and they are not quite ready to deal with the hassle of cigar smoke yet. They need a little more time to settle in and heal a bit before I expose them to that. So, due to my lack of sufficient planning, my review of the Tatuaje J21 will be delayed at bit.  I had planned to have it up this week, but now I will be pushing it back a week to give my eyes the time they need.  So no review this week.  Just an apology for the delay and the sharing of some exciting news.  I cannot wait until I have a chance to get out on the motorcycle for the first time without glasses or contacts.  I know that alone will make the surgery worth it.