This review is part of a series of blind reviews I am doing in conjunction with Jamie of Zen and the Art of the Cigar. We each exchanged three unbanded cigars. The only previously agreed upon criteria for the exchange was the there would be one value cigar, one mid-range cigar. and one premium cigar. The cigars were numbered randomly. I will be reviewing cigars number 1, 3, and 5. Cigars numbers 2, 4 and 6 will be reviewed by Jamie and can be read on his blog. The reviews will be posted over the next two weeks and at the end of the series a summary of all the blind reviews will be posted.

Cigar #3

Cigar number 3 in this series of blind reviews is a Torpedo. I don’t have a ring gauge guide to measure it with but it looks to be about 52 to 54 ring and is 61/4 inches long. It has a leathery brown wrapper covered in small veins and a little bit of tooth. Examining the foot , it shows a nice, neatly done bunch in the filler. the same could be said for the head after I clipped it. The draw pre-light is excellent and it has a somewhat nondescript aroma.

Putting the foot to flame the first few draws deliver a blast of black pepper and a rich earthiness. After I worked my way past that first inch or so of black pepper there was a core of coffee and earth. I don’t want to hazard a guess this early in the smoke but I have to say that the start of this cigar is very “Pepinesque” and if it isn’t one of his there is almost certainly have to be Nicaraguan tobacco in this cigar. There, I put myself out there a bit with that statement. I am even more anxious to find out what this cigar is now. The last third was excellent. Robust with tons of spice and earth and a nice creamy, cocoa finish. The burn was a little erratic and the ash a little flaky but this was a well made cigar packed full of tobacco. It was a very good smoke.

I am going to stand by my initial impression of this cigar. I am guessing it is a Don Pepin made smoke and if not one of his, it had a very Nicaraguan flavor to it. I even go as far as to say it was very much like a Cubao I had recently. I hope I’m not too far off and end up embarrassing myself.

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