I recently asked for my readers’ help in making up my mind on which cigar would be my 100th cigar review on Matt’s Cigar Journal and the verdict is in!  I have to say…

You guys are no help at all!! Really! I post my very first poll on this blog and we end up with a virtual tie. The Tatuaje Black did come out a couple votes ahead but the truth is, the vote is pretty well split down the middle (or in thirds in this case). There isn’t an overwhelming winner in this thing. I guess that means I picked three pretty damn good cigars as the candidates for my 100th review. It is funny because the results of this poll mirror the struggle going on inside my head trying to decide on this thing. The Tatuaje Black has always been the sentimental favorite in my mind, but the other two certainly demanded serious consideration. It appears the collective consciousness of my readership closely mirrors my own mind. A scary thought for all of us except that I will assume the affinity only relates to this one specific topic. Good news for the rest of you, lol. I wasn’t going to declare my intentions at the closing of the poll, but I have made up my mind and so I figure I should just spit it out already.

The Tatuaje (Black Label) Private Reserve will be the 100th Cigar Review on Matt’s Cigar Journal. Look for it on January 1st as that review will kick off the new year of what promises to be a another good one filled with great new cigars to try and enjoy.  Thank you to all those that voted, and thanks for taking the time to visit my little corner of the Internet.