… and my very first poll.

Tat Black?

It took a while to get there but a little over three years after starting this blog  I am just a couple posts away from my 100th cigar review.  I realize this is not necessarily an impressive pace,  but I am a one man show.   I smoked and reviewed all 100 cigars myself.  No partners or guest reviewers helping to shoulder the burden.  It’s a dirty job and I enjoy being the one to do it.   Of course, I am taking some liberties with the term “review” here, especially in regards to my posts early on.  Back when I first started I am not sure you could call what I was posting a “review” but for my purposes they are.

Being the 100th review, it is a significant milestone at least in my mind.  Given that fact, I feel a special cigar is called for here.  I have struggled a bit with how to go about choosing the cigar for my 100th review.  I haven’t posted a review on a Tatuaje Black Label yet and given how Tatuajes are my favorite cigars, I am thinking it would be a good choice.  But I also think that perhaps this milestone is bigger than that.  Perhaps it calls for a cigar that is legendary in the world of cigars.  A Cohiba Robusto comes immediately to mind (Cuban of course).  Another option is a special, super expensive, limited edition cigar.  At the top of that list would be the Padron 80th Anniversary cigar.  I am having a tough time making up my mind so I have posted my very first poll on the blog and I am going to look to my readers for help.  I expect to see all 5 of you vote…  LOL.  I am not saying that the results of the poll are what I will ultimately go with for my 100th review, but the feedback will be taken into serious consideration.  So go ahead and vote, and thanks for the help!

With the holidays fast approaching and all of the associated activities that will compete for my time, I plan to make the 100th review my first review of the new year.  I’ll let this poll run for a few weeks and you’ll see the results as you vote.  I won’t announce my final decision though.  You’ll find out what I went with when you see the review posted in 2009.  Thanks again.


P.S. I also just realized that this post marks another minor milestone for my blog. This post is the 200th post on Matt’s Cigar Journal. It’s a month of milestones around here. 😀