I have always been intrigued by the Culebra Cigars.  They are a unique sight, 3 small cigars twisted together.  I always wondered what the point was.  What is the history behind this style of cigar?  I came across this short video with James Suckling and David Savona of Cigar Aficionado.  In it they talk about the history of the Culebra while enjoying the new Partagas Culebras. Click Twisted Cigars to watch the video.

Most Culebras are meant to be taken apart and each stick smoked individually.  I have seen one example however of a Culebras that is made to be smoked as one cigar.  It is rolled in such a way that it allows you to smoke all three cigars at once.  It is made by Don Francisco Cigars in East Brunswick NJ.  Here is a photo:

Note how the tips of all three cigars are bound together. This will allow you to smoke them simultaneously or if you’d rather smoke one at a time all you have to do is remove that binding on each end.