Well I did it. I ran the Nike+ 10k even though I failed miserably at my training program and hardly ran at all in the month of August. I got off my lazy but and did it. So how did I do? Well… Hell if I know!!! I am pissed with my Nike+. Not only did I run the full 10K, it turns out I ran an entire extra mile beyond 10k. Here is what my Nike+ says about my run..

Nike+ says 3.89mi, Miles actually ran – 7.2 miles

That is complete bunk! I was running, and running, and running, and I started to think when will I ever get there. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t there yet so I diverted my route to run a loop that I knew was very close to a full mile. That is almost 2k. When I started the loop my Nike + said I was at 6k complete. At the end of the loop is said I was 6.25k complete. So I ran almost a full 2k and it said I ran .25k. Almost a full mile ran and it gave me credit for running an eighth of a mile!!! Holy cow!! So I turned for home and ended my workout when I got there. I then jumped in the car an drove the route I just ran. Turns out I actually ran 7.2 miles. A 10k is only 6.2 miles!!! I have no idea how long it actually took me to run the 10k. No idea at all, but by God I did it and then some!! So the hell with Nike+. I may not get credit on their site for running the full race, but I know I did.