Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: Lonsdale 6.875″ x 42 ring

Lucky7 and Cigarfan over at Keepers of the Flame invited me to participate in their Padron Series Roundup. My second assignment in this project is the Padron Ambassador. My first contribution to the project was the Padron 3000. The Ambassador provided me with a different experience than I’ve had with other sizes of Padrons.  Padrons are the only cigars that I prefer the maduros over the naturals.  But this wasn’t the case with the Ambassadors.  I found the natural to be an excellent smoke, perhaps the best $5 cigar I have ever smoked.  The maduro was a good cigar but nothing special.  The natural was an excellent cigar.  See the full compiled review over at Keepers of the Flame.