Country: Dominican Republic
Wrapper: Cameroon
Filler: Dominican
Size: Perfecto 7.0″x 48 ring

The Hemingway line of cigars from the Fuente Family has a reputation of excellence. Along with that success, it also carries a reputation of being hard to find. Not so. Finding them is as easy as pointing your web browser at CigarsDirect.com. That is where this long and lovely Cameroon wrapped stogie comes to me from. CigarsDirect.com has an impressive selection of Hemingways so if you have been in search of a source, now you have one.

I provided a bit of background on the Hemingway cigars in my review of the Best Seller so rather than rehash all of that here I will just dive right into this cigar. In my experience, the Classic seems to be the easiest to find of all the Hemingway vitolas. Classic is a good label for this smoke too. That is how I’d describe it. It’s a classic cigar experience, medium bodied and easy smoking. It has a classic tobacco flavor wrapped in a classic Cameroon sweet spice. It is a very enjoyable smoke if a bit one dimensional. It doesn’t do a whole lot to excite the palate but when you are finished with it you find yourself saying “That was a damn fine smoke.” There is a warmness to the flavors that lends this cigar to a chilly day. Construction wise it is your typical Fuente product, very well made with a good draw. The cigar feels a little light for its size making you wonder if it’s under filled, but there are no soft spots on the cigar to speak of. The wrapper is a very toothy and very rough looking. It looks like you could use it to sand a piece of balsa wood. The burn would go a little crooked once and a while but it always managed to correct itself. If you find yourself in the mood to just drink in an abundance of classic Cameroon flavor, this is a stick you should consider reaching for.

Get yours at CigarsDirect .com: Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic

Rating – B