Update[5/28/08]: I finally got the jar!!!

A couple weeks ago I was at the beach and visited one of my favorite B&M cigar shops. They have been a Tatuaje account almost since the beginning so they get all the good stuff. A major reason why I like them so much. I got lucky and just happened to stop by when they had just a few of the elusive and almost mythical Tatuaje Blacks in the humidor. I didn’t have enough money to buy all eight *snif* but I did grab these four. The Tatuaje Black is Pete Johnson’s personal cigar. Once upon a time the only way to get one of these was to meet the man and have him offer you some. He has decided this year to release a limited amount to the public. Select shops received one or two cabinets of 24 and later this year they will be released for sale in a collectible ceramic jar. I can’t wait. I’ve already started to save up for one. These are really cool looking cigars. They have a really unique nipple on the head and the foot is unfinished. They smell amazing but I am admittedly a little hesitant to spark one up before I get my hands on that jar. Maybe I’ll talk myself into smoking just one sometime soon. Here is a picture of my good fortune…

(Click for larger view)