Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: Torpedo 6.5″ x 52 ring

The cigar I am reviewing today is yet another Patriarchal tribute (see my review of Perdomo’s Edición de Silvio). The Padilla Signature 1932 is Ernesto Padilla’s tribute to his late father, the Cuban poet Heberto Padilla. The Keepers of the Flame have a great profile of Heberto that is very interesting and worth the read. Be sure to go check it out. Just click Heberto’s name above. Ernesto trusted the making of this blend to none other than the greatest cigar maker of the current age, Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia. I received this beefy gem of a torpedo from my friends at

This cigar sports a dark brown, veiny corojo wrapper that has the look of leather. That combined with an ornate band with earth tones and gold trim gives this smoke a rustic yet very elegant look. The overall effect makes the cigar look vintage. Aesthetically it is an absolutely beautiful cigar. Its beauty doesn’t stop at its appearance. The flavors are beautiful as well. After a typical “Pepin Pepper” start the cigar makes a full on assault of your palate with robust flavors of leather and spice with a very earthy undertone. There is also a creaminess to the flavors that reminded me a bit of some of the Tatuaje Reserva cigars I’ve smoked, also made by Pepin Garcia. I smoked this cigar outside on a beautiful sunny day and I noticed something about this cigar that I didn’t see until I stepped out into the sunlight. When the sun hit the cigar it began to shimmer and sparkle. A closer look revealed a light dusting of crystals all over the wrapper. Plume! It served as a testament to me of the care that takes in properly caring for and storing their cigars and to the quality of materials and construction that Padilla put into making it. It was a pleasant surprise. As I passed the halfway mark it mellowed out a little. It was very woodsy/cedary and not as full bodied as it was at the start, but still a full flavored robust smoke. The construction was superb and the burn was great. The only negative thing I can say about it is that you can’t put it down. I don’t mean that in the sense that “it’s so good I can’t put it down” although that statement would apply to this cigar. Rather I mean you can’t put it down because it will go out. I had to relight it a few times because it wouldn’t stay lit if I stopped smoking it. The ash was mostly white peppered with black spots and it was a little papery on the edges.

The Signature 1932 is an excellent smoke and a wonderful tribute to a great poet and father. I know Ernesto must be awfully proud of this cigar. I rate it as a must try for anyone who enjoys a robust, complex smoke.

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Rating – A