5 Vegas Series A Archetype Monday, Jan 28 2008 

Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Costa Rican Maduro
Filler: Three Country Long Filler Blend
Size: Toro 6.0″ x 50 ring

Once upon a time, I loved me a Maduro cigar. I smoked them all the time. Even though my tastes have moved away from Maduros, I still find myself craving one every now and then. I knew I’d be smoking this 5 Vegas Series A for CigarsDirect.com this month, but I have been trying to hold off until one of those Maduro cravings hit. I brought this cigar with me to the beach this weekend just in case the mood struck and when I opened my Otterbox and saw it sitting there I though to myself, “This is a good spot for a Maduro.” The 5 Vegas Series A is a good looking smoke. Besides a beautiful, very toothy and rich looking dark brown wrapper, the cigar is dressed to the nines. Sporting a very elegant (if a bit large) black and gold band, it’s modesty is protected by a large cedar sleeve that hides the majority of it’s length. I didn’t find much information about the makeup of this cigar. Just that it has a Costa Rican Maduro wrapper and a three country blend filler.

The 5 Vegas Series A Archetype has a rich earthy aroma that some might find intimidating, but in truth the cigar is fairly easy going, medium bodied with a short finish. The Archetype started off with a very harsh blast to my palate which was a little off putting. After that initial blast it settled down quite a bit. It has a meaty maduro flavor with a hint of dark chocolate but the flavors were a bit muddled. Like most maduros there was a slight sweetness to it especially on the lips. As I progressed passed the half way mark there was bit more leather and earth but the flavors still seemed muddy and muted. I also began to detect a slightly metallic aftertaste on the finish. I am a fan of the 5 Vegas Classic and the Gold, but the series A has never really done much to impress me in any of the vitolas I’ve tried and the Archetype is no different. It’s a decent smoke and since the price point on these is a bit of a bargain, it’s not bad for a day on the links or working in the yard. However, on the rare occasion that I am craving a maduro there are a few other smokes that stand ahead of this on my list.

Get yours at CigarsDirect.com: 5 Vegas Series A Archetype

Rating – C

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My Pride and Joy… well one of them anyway. Friday, Jan 25 2008 

A while back I posted picture of my poker table. I actually made a few posts of the progress of the table being built here, also here, and again here. I made this thing from scratch and as it was my first ever attempt at wood working. I am pretty proud of the results. I ran across a couple of pictures I snapped of it a while back before a game and decided I wanted to share them. You can see a little more detail in these pictures than you can in the one I originally posted. Click the pictures to see a large view.

At the risk of blowing my own horn, I have to say that this is a great table to play poker on…


I won!! Friday, Jan 18 2008 

It’s a good start to the day when you get an email informing you that you’ve just won a very nice, very expensive cigar lighter. I entered my review of the the Perdomo Edición de Silvio in a cigar review contest over at Cigar Inspector. There were several really great reviews submitted in to the contest and I was honored by having my review selected as the winner. I want to send my thanks once again to Cigar Inspector and his panel of judges for selecting my review as the winner. I also want to thank my fellow BOTL who I competed against in the contest. The reviews that were entered into the competition were very good so the competition was tough.

My Prize is an ST Dupont X-Tend torch lighter. I’ll post some pictures once I receive it.

Padilla Signature 1932 Torpdeo Monday, Jan 14 2008 

Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: Torpedo 6.5″ x 52 ring

The cigar I am reviewing today is yet another Patriarchal tribute (see my review of Perdomo’s Edición de Silvio). The Padilla Signature 1932 is Ernesto Padilla’s tribute to his late father, the Cuban poet Heberto Padilla. The Keepers of the Flame have a great profile of Heberto that is very interesting and worth the read. Be sure to go check it out. Just click Heberto’s name above. Ernesto trusted the making of this blend to none other than the greatest cigar maker of the current age, Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia. I received this beefy gem of a torpedo from my friends at CigarsDirect.com.

This cigar sports a dark brown, veiny corojo wrapper that has the look of leather. That combined with an ornate band with earth tones and gold trim gives this smoke a rustic yet very elegant look. The overall effect makes the cigar look vintage. Aesthetically it is an absolutely beautiful cigar. Its beauty doesn’t stop at its appearance. The flavors are beautiful as well. After a typical “Pepin Pepper” start the cigar makes a full on assault of your palate with robust flavors of leather and spice with a very earthy undertone. There is also a creaminess to the flavors that reminded me a bit of some of the Tatuaje Reserva cigars I’ve smoked, also made by Pepin Garcia. I smoked this cigar outside on a beautiful sunny day and I noticed something about this cigar that I didn’t see until I stepped out into the sunlight. When the sun hit the cigar it began to shimmer and sparkle. A closer look revealed a light dusting of crystals all over the wrapper. Plume! It served as a testament to me of the care that CigarsDirect.com takes in properly caring for and storing their cigars and to the quality of materials and construction that Padilla put into making it. It was a pleasant surprise. As I passed the halfway mark it mellowed out a little. It was very woodsy/cedary and not as full bodied as it was at the start, but still a full flavored robust smoke. The construction was superb and the burn was great. The only negative thing I can say about it is that you can’t put it down. I don’t mean that in the sense that “it’s so good I can’t put it down” although that statement would apply to this cigar. Rather I mean you can’t put it down because it will go out. I had to relight it a few times because it wouldn’t stay lit if I stopped smoking it. The ash was mostly white peppered with black spots and it was a little papery on the edges.

The Signature 1932 is an excellent smoke and a wonderful tribute to a great poet and father. I know Ernesto must be awfully proud of this cigar. I rate it as a must try for anyone who enjoys a robust, complex smoke.

Get yours at CigarsDirect.com: Padilla Signature 1932

Rating – A

Perdomo Edición de Silvio Double Corona, Natural Friday, Jan 4 2008 

(I submitted this review in a contest at Cigar Inspector. I was lucky enough to win the contest. Be sure to go visit Cigar inspector to see this an many other great cigar reviews.)

Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Natural
Filler: A Family Secret
Size: Double Corona 7 5/8″ x 50 ring

A couple years ago I attended a cigar event at my local tobacconist’s shop. At this event I met a man who is generally considered one of the best, if not the best, cigar reps in the South East US… may be the best in the country. I first met Chris Harper when he was working for another cigar manufacturer. He now works for Perdomo and apparently they recognize his talents as well because he has quickly risen through the ranks there and has gotten himself a nice promotion that has expanded his responsibilities to a national, rather than regional, level. Chris is one of the friendliest and most genuine guys I have met in the cigar business. I count myself lucky to now call Chris a friend. Chris is a knowledgeable and passionate cigar guy with an insider’s knowledge of the industry so he is full of great stories about cigars and the cigar business. He once relayed to me the story of the Perdomo family which is a truly amazing story. Here is a brief synopsis of what Chris told me. You can also find a more detailed version of the story on the Perdomo website.


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