I, being a man of questionable judgment, take a voluntary break from smoking cigars at least once a year.  I usually do this around July or August and the break lasts about 30 days.  I have talked about this break before here.  This year, I have had an unplanned and involuntary break thrust upon me by an almost comical and unbelievable series of maladies that have befallen me.  I owe a big thanks to my children and the daycare they attend for this unwelcome hiatus.  It started in mid November and has stretched up to this day and I am still not well enough to have a smoke.  First I was hit with a small cold that developed into one of the worst and most painful sinus infections I have ever had.  No sooner did I start to get over that before my son brought home a lovely little GI bug that had me dry heaving for hours after my stomach finally emptied.  The effect of that bug lingered in the form of an annoying but seemingly harmless cough.  Harmless that is until it turned into a case of bronchitis that has been having me coughing up a lung for the past two weeks.  I feel like I am finally on the up swing, but am still coughing pretty regularly.  Thanks to some cough syrup with Vicodin that the doc gave me, I am at least getting some good sleep.

Anyway, this month long battle with illness has gotten me way behind on cigar reviews.  Both the reviews I’ve committed to for CigarsDirect.com and the cigars I wanted to review from my own collection.  On the bright side of all this, once I am able to smoke again, I have a line up of what should be some stellar cigars to smoke.