Appalachian State University

My Alma mater tries to win its third National Championship in football this Friday. It is the highest level of college football in which you can win a legit national championship. Appalachian State plays Division I football in the FCS subdivision (formerly 1-AA). The BCS (1-A) isn’t a real championship. It is a beauty pageant where computers tell people who to vote for to decide a winner.

Any way… No one has ever won three national championships in a row at this level of college football so this will be history in the making. The Delaware Fighting Blue Hens (Hens? Is this an all girl school?) are in for a genuine @$$whooping. The Mountaineers are having chicken for Dinner Friday night in Chattanooga. I tried as hard as I could to get tickets, but it just proved to be too expensive. All the students bought up the tickets which are all $20 face value. They were selling for upwards of $150 to $200 a ticket on the auction sites. In the end it was just to expensive so I’ll have to cancel my hotel reservation and make plans to watch it at home. Disappointing for sure but I am still excited to see the game.

Go App!!!!!!!!!!!