I decided I had enough reviews up now that it was worth putting together an index of them.  There is a link for the Cigar Review Index on the sidebar to the left.

On a side note it was interesting to see how my writing has evolved and how I go about reviewing the cigars has changed.  When I started I was just writing fairly general impressions much like I did in my pen and paper journal that this blog replaced.  As time went on I started to get more detailed and my entires started to look more like actual reviews.  I’m still just a regular Joe giving a regular Joe’s take on cigars, and I am by no means a great (or even good) writer but I have really enjoyed keeping up this blog.  I hope I can continue to improve my writing and my reviews to hopefully make them even more useful to those looking to try something new.  Another aspect of putting together this index is seeing how my tastes and opinions have changed as my palate developed and I became a more experienced cigar smoker.  Some of my earlier entries are difficult for me to read now.  Some of them make me cringe as I read them.