I want to announce a new relationship here at Matt’s Cigar Journal. I now have a Featured Retailer whom I will be working with to bring you reviews of some really great, and sometimes hard to find Top Shelf Cigars. Over in the side bar to the left you will now see the logo for CigarsDirect.com. Each month I will do two cigar reviews that will be brought to you by CigarsDirect.com. Below their logo you will see what the upcoming reviews will be for the next two months. These reviews will be in addition to any other reviews I may choose to do on my own. The Upcoming Reviews section on the sidebar will link you to CigarsDirect.com’s page for that specific cigar and there will be a similar link in each review when it is posted. CigarsDirect.com is run by Billy Ferriolo. Billy and the crew at CigarsDirect put a great deal of importance on customer service and make sure everyone of their customers is well taken care of. They have an excellent selection of top shelf and often hard to find cigars so I encourage everyone to click on over to their site and take a look. You just might discover a good source for one of your elusive favorites over there. I am excited about this new relationship and hope that it can benefit all parties including my readers.

We are going to kick things off in a stellar way this October with a review of the Ashton VSG Sorcerer so be sure to check back soon.