The entry deadline came and went at midnight last night so that means it is time to draw names for the 3 Cigar Tatuaje Sampler. I have already notified everyone who will be in the drawing. As it turns out everyone who entered got the questions right and will be in the drawing. For those who missed out but are curious here are the answers…

  1. My buddy Andy is an amazing cook. If you like food you’ll love his blog Andy’s Diner. Browse around his blog, there’s a lot of good stuff on there. Besides being an excellent cook, Andy is also a 1st class BOTL and he posts pictures of his cigars so browse through the photo gallery called Andy’s Humidor to see his impressive collection. He has also taken some tours of a few cigar operations in Miami. Find his pictures of these tours and look through them. They are pretty cool. What I want you to tell me is what three things did Andy purchase on his tour of Tabacalera Perdomo?
    7 cigar sampler of the La Tradicion Perdomo Reserve cigars, a beautiful black ashtray, and an Edicion de Silvio No. 2 Torpedo
  2. Now it’s time to check out Brian’s Random Thoughts. Brian’s blog is a good read and like Andy’s blog, it’s not just cigars. Browse around and read a little and I think you’ll like the place and find it an entertaining read. While you are browsing around answer this. Brian has a bunch of cigar reviews on his site and one of the cigars he reviewed is another one of Pete Johnson’s cigars (also made by Pepin Garicia) and a favorite of mine, but it isn’t a Tatuaje . Find the review I speak of. There are two parts to this question. A. What is the name of the cigar in the review I am referring to? B. In that review Brian states that he was hoping the cigar in question would be a cheaper alternative to another cigar that he likes. What cigar was he hoping it would be an alternative to?
    A.) The cigar is a cabaiguan belicoso finos
    B.) Hoping it would be a cheaper alternative to a Diamond Crown Maximus