Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: Robusto 5.0″x50 ring

I was going to smoke a Cuban this afternoon. I went into the winecoolerdor and pulled out the cedar tray I use to hold my Cuban singles and in there was a misfiled Tatuaje Havana VI Nobles. I thought it over for a second and I ended up grabbing the Tatuaje. Such is the nature of my sickness. The Nobles is even my least favorite vitola (not to suggest that I don’t like it) in the Havana VI line, but for some reason I felt almost compelled to smoke it. I’ve smoked a bunch of the Havana VI cigars but have never put together a review of any of them so I figured this would be a good one to write up.

The Havana VI line is supposedly made with the same tobacco as the regular Tatuaje line, but the blend is obviously different. These cigars tend to be more of a medium bodied smoke compared to the powerful full bodied regular Brown Label line. Another difference is that the Havana VI is rolled in Pepin Garcia’s Nicaraguan factory, Tabacalera Cubana, where the regular line is rolled in Miami in his El Rey de los Habanos factory. Having the Havana VI rolled in Nicaragua allows for greater production because the Nicaragua factory employs many more rollers and is capable of producing cigars at a much higher volume and at a lower cost. The Miami factory only employs about 12 rollers, all of them class 8 master rollers. The Havana VI, like the regular Tatuaje is named after one of Pete Johnson’s dogs. This line is named after his dog Havana and the first letter in the names of each of the vitolas can be used to spell out the dog’s name. Your can read more about this in my earlier post, Trivia: Tatuaje – La Seleccion de Cazador.

The Nobles is a good looking cigar with an oily, slightly veiny, chocolate brown wrapper. The pre-light aroma is a non-descprit tobacco aroma. My Palio made a perfect cut across an expertly applied triple cap. The initial draw delivered a predominatley woody/cedary flavor with a subtle floral undertone. The cigar felt solid and well packed and I found the draw to be spot on with just the right amount of resistance. It lit easily producing a lot of thick creamy smoke that had a subtle almost chocolate like aroma to it. Most notable was the lack of what has become a trademark of Pepin Garcia made cigars. The well know peppery start was not to be found here. It started off very smooth and almost mild. The smoke delivered a creamy, woody flavor which dominated the entire smoke and there was a distinct coffee bean flavor on the finish. I picked up the occasional faint note of cocoa but the flavors pretty much stayed consistent throughout. I have found the Nobles to be the most mild in the Havana VI line. Much more mild than the others like the Hermoso for example, which is my favorite size. The Nobles is also the most one dimensional size in the line lacking any real complexity, but the flavors it does deliver are very enjoyable. The burn was perfect and the ash was well formed and held firm, so from a construction stand point this cigar is excellent. Although this is by no means a bad cigar, it is actually quite good, it just doesn’t hold much for me and when I go for a Havana VI I will usually go for the Hermoso or Victorias as they have proven to be the most interesting and enjoyable sizes for me.

Rating – B

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P.S. I promise my next review will not be a Tatuaje or Pepin cigar 🙂 .

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