There has been a trend around the blogs recently to hold cigar contests and I thought I’d get in on the fun. If you happened to catch the contests over at CigarJack’s and Brian’s Random Thoughts, you know what I’m talking about. Mine is going to work a little differently. I’m going to make you do a little extra work for this one. I am delving into my personal stash of my favorite cigars for this and I’m giving away a premium Tatuaje Sampler. Three cigars worth approximately $30. You have a chance to win the following Tatuaje (Brown Label) cigars:

1 – Havana Cazadores (very hard to find vitola and considered the best in the line)
1 – Regios (the cigar that got me hooked on Tatuaje)
1 – Cojonu 2006 (eat a good meal first)

So, you are wondering what you need to do to win this treasure trove? How can you claim this sampler of the best non-Cuban cigars on the market today? You are going on a Cigar Blog scavenger hunt. The idea here is to maybe introduce you to some blogs you haven’t seen before or remind you of some you may have forgotten about, ect. Anyway, besides completing the scavenger hunt take some time to look around these blogs and book mark the ones you like so you can find your way back…

OK, so first some administrative stuff. You have to be 18 years of age or older and live in the USA (not gonna ship overseas, sorry). I am doing this out of my desire to promote my fellow bloggers and my favorite cigars. I’m not being asked to do this by Tatuaje Cigars, and there are no sponsors or commercial endorsements here. Tatuaje Cigars has no involvement or affiliation with this blog or this contest. The prize was bought and paid for by me and me alone, so my rules are law. Those who complete the scavenger hunt correctly and follow all the instructions properly will be entered into a drawing to determine the winner. When it comes deciding if your entry is correct and if you followed the instructions, I am Judge, the Jury, and the Executioner. What I decide is final. This contest is governed by a Matt-tatorship. There will be no appeals and I do not have a complaint department. It is imperative that you follow ALL the instructions properly or your entry will be considered invalid so read through everything carefully before you begin. I’m going to run this contest for 14 days ending at midnight on September 26th. The drawing will occur as soon after the end date as I can manage to go through all the entries. If you don’t like any of this then don’t participate. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. No purchase necessary and you need not be present to win…
Here is how it will work.

1. Post a response to this blog entry. It must read like this:

[Your name here] is on the hunt!
I am at least 18 years of age or older.

So my entry would read…

Matt is on the hunt!
I am at least 18 years of age or older.”

2. All entries must be emailed to Do not post your answers as a reply on this post or you’ll be giving others the answers you just worked to find yourself.

3. All of your answers can be found via the following links. Please use these links or the links in the questions below to visit these sites so they can see where all the increased traffic is being referred from. Site administrators/owners like to see those stats. Also, as you are browsing around my blog and these other blogs, if you have an opinion or comment to share about something you’ve read, post a comment. Bloggers love comments. Take some time to read these blogs and enjoy them. There is no prize for finishing first. Just make sure you have your entry emailed in before midnight September 26th.

Andy’s Diner
Brian’s Random Thoughts
Keepers of the Flame
The Stogie Guys
Tatuaje Cigars

…and yes if one of the blogs above is yours, you can still participate in the contest.

Ok, so here are the questions you have to answer. Make sure your email makes it easy for me to determine which answers go with which questions. If I can’t make heads or tails of your email then your name won’t go into the drawing.

  1. My buddy Andy is an amazing cook. If you like food you’ll love his blog Andy’s Diner. Browse around his blog, there’s a lot of good stuff on there. Besides being an excellent cook, Andy is also a 1st class BOTL and he posts pictures of his cigars so browse through the photo gallery called Andy’s Humidor to see his impressive collection. He has also taken some tours of a few cigar operations in Miami. Find his pictures of these tours and look through them. They are pretty cool. What I want you to tell me is what three things did Andy purchase on his tour of Tabacalera Perdomo?
  2. Now it’s time to check out Brian’s Random Thoughts. Brian’s blog is a good read and like Andy’s blog, it’s not just cigars. Browse around and read a little and I think you’ll like the place and find it an entertaining read. While you are browsing around answer this. Brian has a bunch of cigar reviews on his site and one of the cigars he reviewed is another one of Pete Johnson’s cigars (also made by Pepin Garicia) and a favorite of mine, but it isn’t a Tatuaje . Find the review I speak of. There are two parts to this question. A. What is the name of the cigar in the review I am referring to? B. In that review Brian states that he was hoping the cigar in question would be a cheaper alternative to another cigar that he likes. What cigar was he hoping it would be an alternative to?
  3. The next stop on our hunt is the home of CigarJack. CigarJack was one of the very 1st cigar blogs I came across way back when I was still just considering starting this blog up. Since then, Jack took a short break but earlier this year he resurrected his blog and is once again a top notch cigar blog full of great information and insightful reviews. Go through the reviews and see what Jack has to say about your favorites and maybe discover some new sticks you’d like to try. If you weren’t aware, Tatuajes are made for Pete Johnson by the master blender Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia. I am a huge fan of many of Pepin’s cigars, the Tatuajes topping the list. Jack did a review back in July of one of Pepin’s cigars that carries his name. Which cigar did he review and what did he rate it?
  4. I found The Keepers of the Flame when I moved my blog from Blogspot to WordPress (a move that I have been very pleased with). The reviews are great and they cover a wide range of cigars over there. Beyond that, every review comes with a superb history lesson on the cigar in question. I don’t know how he does it but CigarFan includes a fantastic amount of information about the cigar to go along with his tasting notes. The blog is a fantastic and engaging read and one I highly recommend as reading for anyone who loves cigars. In addition to all the info included with each review they have profiles of three of the major cigar producing countries. It’s all great stuff. Tatuajes are Nicaraguan Puros so you are going to look for some info on that country over at The Keepers of the Flame. In 1998 Nicaragua fell victim to a natural disaster that severly impacted the tobacco industry in that country. What was that natural disaster (be specific as possible)?
  5. The Stogie Guys are a three man team that runs their blog a lot like a traditional publication. In addition to reviews you’ll find posts on news, events, interviews, and the general goings on of the cigar industry. I check their site almost daily. In a recent post they linked to a great video of Pepin Garcia and his Nicaragua Factory. You should check it out. It’s cool to see cigar making in action. A while back they reviewed what is probably my favorite of all the Tatuajes (if I had to pick a favorite which is hard to do). Patrick commented in his review that the appearance of this cigar reminded him of another special cigar he had the pleasure of trying once. Which Tatuaje did he review and what cigar did its appearance remind him of?
  6. OK, this one should be pretty easy. The information you are looking for is right here on my site. There is something special about the names that Pete Johnson gave to the various vitolas in both the Brown Label and the Red Label Tatuaje Lines. Even the formal names of the two lines has special significance.What’s so special about the line and vitola names?
  7. Another question to be answered here on my blog. I have bought a bunch of Tatuajes as singles, but there are three vitolas that I have purchased whole boxes of. Which three Tatuaje vitolas do I own a box of?
  8. This is the last one and you don’t need an answer for this one so I guess you can consider it optional. I am just going to ask you check this place out. This is the cigar forum that I call home. I’ve been a member there almost since its inception. It is a fun place with a kind of “no holds barred” attitude so if you are sensitive to language and raunchy humor you may want to skip it. It’s kind of like a men’s locker room for cigar smokers. There are a lot of great guys with a wide range of knowledge and experience about cigars. They can be a little rough on new guys at first but if you keep a thick skin and hang around, you’ll find a great bunch of very generous BOTL. We even talk cigars every now and then. 🙂

Tip: the use of Category and Index links can help you zero in on content on most of these blogs.
Remember email your entries to the address provided above and they must be received by midnight September 26th. I am not responsible for lost or misdirected entries. Don’t post your answers here on the site. If you do I’ll delete the post and you won’t be entered in the contest. Also keep in mind that I have to approve all comments before they show up on the site so you probably won’t see your “on the Hunt!” post right away. That’s ok. Just go ahead and email your entry in and when you check back later you’ll probably see your post. I have to do it this way to keep the Spam out that makes it past the filter. If I deem your entry to be correct and you have qualified for the drawing then I’ll reply to your email telling you so.

Good luck everyone and have fun!