There has been a trend around the blogs recently to hold cigar contests and I thought I’d get in on the fun. If you happened to catch the contests over at CigarJack’s and Brian’s Random Thoughts, you know what I’m talking about. Mine is going to work a little differently. I’m going to make you do a little extra work for this one. I am delving into my personal stash of my favorite cigars for this and I’m giving away a premium Tatuaje Sampler. Three cigars worth approximately $30. You have a chance to win the following Tatuaje (Brown Label) cigars:

1 – Havana Cazadores (very hard to find vitola and considered the best in the line)
1 – Regios (the cigar that got me hooked on Tatuaje)
1 – Cojonu 2006 (eat a good meal first)

So, you are wondering what you need to do to win this treasure trove? How can you claim this sampler of the best non-Cuban cigars on the market today? You are going on a Cigar Blog scavenger hunt. The idea here is to maybe introduce you to some blogs you haven’t seen before or remind you of some you may have forgotten about, ect. Anyway, besides completing the scavenger hunt take some time to look around these blogs and book mark the ones you like so you can find your way back… (more…)