Feeding An Obsession – Part Duex

My favorite cigars for about the past year or so have been Pete Johnson’s Tatuajes. They are made by Pepin Garcia in his El Rey de los Habanos Factory in Miami, Florida. Even outside of the Tatuajes, I am something of a sucker for just about any cigar Pepin makes. I further indulged my obsession with these smoke with my most recent purchase. I found some Tatuaje RC184 and RC233 perfectos. The RC184 measures an impressive 7.25″x57 ring and the even more impressive RC233 is a whopping 9.125″x55 ring. Both are foil wrapped perfectos sporting a distinctive 3 colored band that sets them apart from the rest of the “brown label” or “cabinet” line of Tatuajes. This presentation is meant to be a sort of Retro Cuban style and the “RC” even stands for “Retro Cuban”.

Here is a picture of my purchase. A box of 10 RC184’s and three RC233’s.