Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Maduro
Filler: Maduro
Size: Robusto 4.5″x50 ring

Thanks to the good people at Camacho, I was able to get my hands on their new Triple Maduro cigar. The first all maduro cigar, Camacho has blended five different maduro varieties to create a cigar with a Maduro wrapper, binder and filler.

“The biggest challenge was to get these thick leaves to burn and taste right together. We did it and the cigar is awesome” – Camacho Cigars

The specifics of the blend are a secret but Camacho set out to make a cigar to please the biggest of the Maduro fans out there.

I had a robusto, or maybe they are calling it a Rothschild, I’m not sure. This dark beauty measures a modest 4.5 inches in length with a 50 ring gauge. The aroma of this cigar is a strong maduro sweetness that drives home the fact that it is packed full of the rich dark maduro tobacco. When I clipped the head I was a little concerned. In very un-Camacho fashion there were 3 rib veins visible in the head and there was an odd hole right at the head about ¼ inch in diameter and a ¼ inch deep. The prelight draw seemed a little loose. I assume this was just an anomaly because Camacho cigars have always proven to be of high quality and as it turned out these oddities didn’t have any adverse effects on the cigar. Once lit the draw turned out to be spot on and it smoked very well.

The smoke started out extremely peppery. The pepper was almost over powering. It produced thick rich smoke and it immediately let me know I was in for a full, powerful smoke. About a 1/3rd of the way through the pepper mellowed a bit and a rich maduro sweetness was the dominate flavor. The cigar stayed very consistent throughout never really changing, giving it a kind of one dimensional feel. I guess that isn’t all that surprising given that the entire cigar is made up of maduro leaves. I like a maduro cigar every now and then but this was more maduro than I go for. That said, it was a pretty enjoyable cigar and will most likely be well received by many of the Maduro fans out there. This cigar is all maduro, all the time. The burn was good and the ash was well formed and held firm. It’s another good cigar from Camacho.

Rating – B

Update: I revisited the Triple Maduro in a side by side comparison.