Box Purchase: Tatuaje RC184 Monday, May 14 2007 

Feeding An Obsession – Part Duex

My favorite cigars for about the past year or so have been Pete Johnson’s Tatuajes. They are made by Pepin Garcia in his El Rey de los Habanos Factory in Miami, Florida. Even outside of the Tatuajes, I am something of a sucker for just about any cigar Pepin makes. I further indulged my obsession with these smoke with my most recent purchase. I found some Tatuaje RC184 and RC233 perfectos. The RC184 measures an impressive 7.25″x57 ring and the even more impressive RC233 is a whopping 9.125″x55 ring. Both are foil wrapped perfectos sporting a distinctive 3 colored band that sets them apart from the rest of the “brown label” or “cabinet” line of Tatuajes. This presentation is meant to be a sort of Retro Cuban style and the “RC” even stands for “Retro Cuban”.

Here is a picture of my purchase. A box of 10 RC184’s and three RC233’s.

Camacho Triple Maduro Friday, May 11 2007 


Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Maduro
Filler: Maduro
Size: Robusto 4.5″x50 ring

Thanks to the good people at Camacho, I was able to get my hands on their new Triple Maduro cigar. The first all maduro cigar, Camacho has blended five different maduro varieties to create a cigar with a Maduro wrapper, binder and filler.

“The biggest challenge was to get these thick leaves to burn and taste right together. We did it and the cigar is awesome” – Camacho Cigars

The specifics of the blend are a secret but Camacho set out to make a cigar to please the biggest of the Maduro fans out there.

I had a robusto, or maybe they are calling it a Rothschild, I’m not sure. This dark beauty measures a modest 4.5 inches in length with a 50 ring gauge. The aroma of this cigar is a strong maduro sweetness that drives home the fact that it is packed full of the rich dark maduro tobacco. When I clipped the head I was a little concerned. In very un-Camacho fashion there were 3 rib veins visible in the head and there was an odd hole right at the head about ¼ inch in diameter and a ¼ inch deep. The prelight draw seemed a little loose. I assume this was just an anomaly because Camacho cigars have always proven to be of high quality and as it turned out these oddities didn’t have any adverse effects on the cigar. Once lit the draw turned out to be spot on and it smoked very well.

The smoke started out extremely peppery. The pepper was almost over powering. It produced thick rich smoke and it immediately let me know I was in for a full, powerful smoke. About a 1/3rd of the way through the pepper mellowed a bit and a rich maduro sweetness was the dominate flavor. The cigar stayed very consistent throughout never really changing, giving it a kind of one dimensional feel. I guess that isn’t all that surprising given that the entire cigar is made up of maduro leaves. I like a maduro cigar every now and then but this was more maduro than I go for. That said, it was a pretty enjoyable cigar and will most likely be well received by many of the Maduro fans out there. This cigar is all maduro, all the time. The burn was good and the ash was well formed and held firm. It’s another good cigar from Camacho.

Rating – B

Update: I revisited the Triple Maduro in a side by side comparison.

Thank you everyone! Sunday, May 6 2007 

Image hosting by Photobucket
Today was the 4th Annual Triangle Area Ride for Kids. We had a beautiful sunny day to ride in. I estimate there were upwards of 600 motorcyclists at the event. The route was well planned and the event expertly organized. We had a great ride followed by a fun celebration afterwards. We heard from one of the Researchers at Duke University Medical Center about some of the work that is being done with the money we all raise for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and as we do every year we got to meet some of the kids that this research benefits. The kids were great and provided the crowd with a lot of laughs. It makes me feel good to do this fund raising every year to help these kids and others like them. Each of you(all my donors) should feel good too knowing that your donations are going to such a great cause and will help these children in their battle with brain tumors.

Thank you so much to each and every one of you who donated this year. You all helped me beat my fund raising goal and put me among the top 10 individual fund raisers at this year’s event. I was able to raise $1405.00 and the combined efforts of all the riders at this year’s event raised over $91,000.00 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation this year. Thanks again for all your support.


An Amazing Talent Thursday, May 3 2007 

I found this guys blog thanks to a post over at The Stogie Guys. The artist is a master wood worker. His carvings are simply amazing. He does cigar bands and I can’t come up with the adjectives that would do him any justice so I’ll just post the link and you can go see for yourself. Amazing……

Casanova Cigar Carvings

NC Smoking Ban Defeated Thursday, May 3 2007 

I may be a little different than most smokers when it comes to the issue of smoking bans. I can see the value of it, but with a really big “IF”. IF it is written properly and provides for some common sense exceptions then I wouldn’t be opposed to it. This is an incredibly complex issue that I could not possibly cover in the context of a blog post nor would I try, but here are a couple of the highlights that I would like to see in a proposed “smoking ban”. Again these are simplifications and we could spend days discussing why these would or wouldn’t work, getting into the nitty gritty of how this would be done or how it can’t. Not what I’m going for here. This list is what I’d like to see, not how or if these things would/could be accomplished.

  1. Common sense exemptions for business that typically cater to smokers. Bars, Tobacco Merchants, Pool Halls, ect. Nothing about this prevents these establishments from going smoke free if they so choose.
  2. Some provision that protects a Private Business Owners rights to choose to cater to smokers if they want to do so. This one is tough because you need good controls and procedures as well as clearly defined criteria to qualify. It may also create to large of a loop hole rendering the ban pointless but I’d like to think there’s a way to make this work.
  3. If you allow children under the age of 18 into your place of business, then you cannot allow smoking, no exceptions.Could be tough to enforce but I think this one makes good sense.

The proposed bill in NC didn’t seem to have a whole lot of teeth compared to some bans we’ve seen in other states, but it was still far from ideal in my opinion so I was glad to see it fail.

Statewide Smoking Ban Fails to Clear N.C. House
RALEIGH, N.C. — An attempt to ban smoking in many public areas across North Carolina narrowly failed in the House on Wednesday, as tobacco territory Democrats sided with Republicans who called the measure an infringement on the rights of business owners.”We gave it our best shot,” said Rep. Hugh Holliman, D-Davidson, the bill’s sponsor, who pulled the measure from the floor calendar several times and took the bill through committee twice in a futile effort to win support.

House members voted 61-55 against the measure. More than a dozen Democrats from counties where tobacco is grown or manufactured opposed the ban.

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