I have been reflecting lately on the scoring system I have been using for rating cigars. It is a good enough system I think, if you want to score a cigar. It has served me well in that regard to this point, but I have begun to feel that scoring a cigar may not be the way to go. A number is such a finite and concrete thing and just seems out of place when talking about something as subjective and fluid as a persons experience with a particular cigar. I have decided that a numbered scoring system just doesn’t work for me anymore and I am going to switch things up a bit. I prefer a more free form style of review without breaking everything down into labeled categories, but I’ll still try to maintain the level of detail I had with the numbered scoring system. Some kind of summary is still helpful I think so I am thinking of using a letter grade to convey what my overall feeling of a cigar is. I’ll have to work out some definitions of what each letter grade means so that will be forthcoming.

Old Review System