Time for a New Review Method?? Thursday, Mar 22 2007 

I have been reflecting lately on the scoring system I have been using for rating cigars. It is a good enough system I think, if you want to score a cigar. It has served me well in that regard to this point, but I have begun to feel that scoring a cigar may not be the way to go. A number is such a finite and concrete thing and just seems out of place when talking about something as subjective and fluid as a persons experience with a particular cigar. I have decided that a numbered scoring system just doesn’t work for me anymore and I am going to switch things up a bit. I prefer a more free form style of review without breaking everything down into labeled categories, but I’ll still try to maintain the level of detail I had with the numbered scoring system. Some kind of summary is still helpful I think so I am thinking of using a letter grade to convey what my overall feeling of a cigar is. I’ll have to work out some definitions of what each letter grade means so that will be forthcoming.

Old Review System

Tatuaje Reserva SW Thursday, Mar 22 2007 

Country: USA
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: Churchill 7.0″x47 ring

Tatuaje has become my favorite marca hands down and this cigar only reinforced that opinion. It is big stick with an oily, leathery, brown wrapper. There were small veins throughout and it was a little bumpy giving it a slightly rustic look. It had an expertly applied triple cap that clipped perfectly. It was well filled with no sign of any rib veins in the filler at the head or foot. The pre-light draw was firm with just the right amount of resistance. Very peppery at the start, it mellowed quickly to a nice woody core and vanilla notes with a nice earthy finish. I’d describe it as medium to full bodied, not as robust as the Regio or Noella. Half way through the vanilla disappeared and it got buttery/creamy with cocoa notes. The last third was the smoothest dominated by wood and leather. A fantastic and complex smoke start to finish. If it wasn’t for the price I could smoke this every day.

The burn was nice and even. The only thing I can say bad about this cigar is the ash. It was flaky and didn’t hold as well as I have come accustom to with other Tatuajes.

Rating – A+

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