Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Maduro
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: Figurado 4.75″x52 ring
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I decided after smoking the Los Blancos Maduro that I wanted to stick with the maduro theme and review a few maduros in a row. To that end I smoked a Perdomo Reserve Maduro tonight. Perdomo is in a bit of a resurgence as of late. The quality of their cigars has been notably better and they have released some good new lines like the Lot 23’s. The Reserves I have smoked lately have been very good. Here’s my take on the Maduro “F”.

Appearance and Construction – 9/10
The Perdomo Reserve Maduro is a Nicaraguan Puro. This cigar has a smooth dark brown wrapper though a lighter shade of brown than many other maduros. It is slightly oily with just a few very small veins. It is a very good looking cigar and the most striking thing about it is it’s shape. I love the “F” shape that Perdomo has come up with. It is very unique being just a 44 ring gauge at the head it flares out to a chunky 56 ring before tapering back down to a 52 at the foot. It looks cool and sits very nicely in your grip. The cigar is packed full of tobacco and feels nice and firm down it’s length with no soft spots. It is a very well made cigar.

Flavor – 16/20
This smoke starts off a bit peppery and lacks that sweetness often associated with your typical maduro. After about the first inch it mellows a bit and changes from peppery to an earthy flavor with nutty undertones and black pepper on a long finish. It is a solid medium bodied smoke and has a mild buzz factor. A very enjoyable cigar.

Smoking Characteristics – 8/10
The cigar lit easily and produced lots of thick creamy white smoke. The burn was a little jagged but remained fairly even. The ash was white spotted with black and it held firm. It was a little papery on the edges but didn’t have a problems with flaking off during the smoke.

Price – 4/5
This cigar retails for just under $5. The construction and flavor of this cigar makes it a great deal at that price in my opinion.

This is a great little cigar with excellent construction and great flavors. The shape is really unique and adds to the enjoyment of the cigar. If you like maduros this one is a must try, especially if you like figurados. The next maduro I will review will be a Camacho SLR Maduro.

The Math
37/4.5 = 8.22*10 = 82.2