Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Nicaraguan Corojo
Filler: Nicaraguan Long Filler
Size: Torpedo 61/8”x52 ring

This is another one of Pepin Garcia’s cigars. It’s a rustic looking cigar with a slightly rough looking light brown wrapper. It is well filled with no soft spots and a nice medium draw. It took a light nicely and though the burn wasn’t razor sharp it remained fairly even throughout the smoke. It started off kind of harsh and bitter but only took a minute or so to smooth out nicely. It produced a large volume of creamy smoke. It is a moderately strong cigar, medium in body. The dominate flavors were leather and cedar with a woody finish. The flavors stayed pretty consistent. It is a good cigar, slightly over priced at just under $7 in my opinion. Not my favorite cigar from Pepin, but a good smoke.

Rating – B