I have begun labeling all of my posts, essentially putting them into categories. You will see these labels just under the Title of each post. Some posts may have more than one label. I have also added a Categories section on the left. When you click a Category you are taken to a page that displays all of the posts that share that label. So for example, if you click on Cigar Reviews, you are taken to a page that displays all of the cigar reviews I have posted. Similarly if you click on My Stuff, you are taken to a page that displays all the posts that relate to my things I’ve posted about, like my poker table or pictures of my humidors or box purchases. If you click on the Label in the post it pulls up a WordPress search based on that label (not all that useful in my opinion). For now I have 5 labels. They are as follows:

Cigar Reviews – All of my cigar reviews I have posted.
Cigar News – tidbits of info, some cigar related… some not.
My Stuff – Posts about my stuff (like pics of my humidors, ect.)
Matt’s Favs – This will bring up cigar reviews of my favorite smokes.
Fundraisers – Displays posts about fundraisers I take part in.

I am currently in the process of going back through my old posts and adding labels to them. Until I finish that process the contents of each category my be incomplete. I hope this new feature will help to make the site a little easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. I know going through the Archive links can be a bit cumbersome.

At the bottom of each page when using the Categories there will be “Next Page” and “Previous Page” links if more content is available.