As a big fan of the Tatuaje Brown lables, and Tatuajes in general, I was reading up on Pete Johnson and the Tatuaje line of cigars. I read somewhere that Pete loves his dogs. So much so, that he named the sizes of the Tatuaje Brown and Red labels so that the 1st letter in each size can be used to spell out the name of his dogs. In the case of the Brown label, the 1st letter of each size spells out the name of his dog Hunter.

Havana Cazadores

At this point, those who know Spanish may know where I’m going with this….

I was looking at my box of Tatuaje Regios the other day and noticed something for the 1st time. On the box is the “proper” name of the Brown label line, La Selección de Cazador. A literal translation is “The Selection of Hunter“. Cazador means Hunter in Spanish. This little detail escaped my notice before and I found it to be interesting so I thought I’d share this little bit of trivia. Not only the sizes, but the entire Tatuaje Brown Label line is named after Pete’s beloved dog. Some of you more observant types may have already caught this, but for other fans of these cigars that may have missed this factoid as I did… I hope you found it interesting.

He’s done the same with the Red label line. His other dog is named Havana, so…
The Havana VI sizes:


The man loves his pups. I like that about him.