The Third Annual Triangle Area Ride for Kids was Sunday, May 7th. We were rained on the entire time, but even the cold rain couldn’’t ruin our fun. I had a really good time. There appeared to be about 100 plus motorcyclists in attendance, including Bill Gaines from NBC 17. It was cool to see him out there riding with us. The route for the ride was excellent. They took us along some nice country roads winding our way down to Pittsboro, then on to Sanford. We rode through the traffic circle in Pittsboro so that the kids riding in side cars at the front of the line could loop back and see all the motorcycles riding behind them. At the celebration at the end of the ride we heard some great stories from the patient families at the event, and we heard from one of the researchers at Duke University Hospital where the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation has an Institute. The ride this year raised over $80,000 dollars for the PBTFUS. Thank you to all of you who donated this year. I was able to raise $1055.00 this year, which is almost double what I raised the past two years combined. I got to have my picture taken with the ““Stars”” of the ride. I should be receiving a photo plaque soon with that picture on it. Thank you again to all of you who donated. Your generosity has provided me with quite a challenge for next years fund raising goal.