Country: Cuba
Box Code: SIH Feb 05

It’s my Birthday so I woke up this morning and went the coffee shop with the newspaper and a Paratgas Short out of my new wine cooler humidor (birthday present). It is a beautiful sunny morning. What perfect start to my 32nd.

This little cigar has blown me away. It has a beautiful creamy brown wrapper an is well filled, firm with no soft spots. Th cap clipped perfectly revealing that little Cuban dimple in the head. It took a light perfectly. Right off the bat this cigar comes alive. The best way to describe it is creamy and smooth. It has very pronounced flashes of vanilla and a coffee bean finish. It paired perfectly with my morning coffee. When you finish this cigar, it leaves you with an almost overwhelming desire to light up another. The burn was even and the ash held firmly to the cigar. I nubbed this thing, almost burning my lips. I just didn’t want to put it down. With just one year on these it is already a fantastic smoke, I almost can’t wait to see how good these babies get with some age on them. My biggest challenge is going to be keeping my hands off them so that I still have some left a year or two down the road. This cigar made me stop to think why it is I smoke anything else. I am convinced I am going to need to pick up a 50 cab of these.

It was a absolutely perfect start to my birthday.