Country: Nicaragua
Wrapper: Two Cameroon leaves
Filler: Nicaraguan and Columbian long-fillers
Size: Robusto 5.0x52ring
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This was the freebie from a CAO online promotion for the CX2.

Construction 9/10
This is a pretty cigar. The band is ridiculous and looks like a little mask when you peel it off, but besides that it is nicely made. A rich brown cammie wrapper with plenty of tooth. It is wrapped neatly and tightly around the cigar. It has a well made cap that clipped very nicely. The cigar was well filled, firm with no detectable soft spots. The cammie wrapper was one of the oiliest I’ve seen. Seemed almost slippery with oils.

Flavor 10/20
This is where this cigar is lacking. It had a classic Cameroon flavor to it, but it was very flat on one dimensional. It seemed almost mild. I had to stop drinking my porter because it was over powering the cigar. I was hoping this thing would start to come alive as I smoked but it didn’t. It was very flat, very boring.

Smoking Characteristics 7/10
The cap cut nicely. The draw was a little on the easy side. The burn was fairly even but not razor sharp. The as was firm and held well but it was also a little flaky and papery on the edges. Not much of a buzz factor to speak of.

Price 1/5
At $8 a stick (what I’ve seen them retail for) this cigar is way over priced. The are soooo many better choices when you’re spending that kind of jack on a smoke.

The Math


The only reason this scored as well as it did is because there is no denying that it is a well constructed cigar, but it leaves a lot to be desired in the flavor department. If you are looking for a good Cameroon cigar, try the Toraño 1916. It’s cheaper and has a much more interesting flavor profile. Or better yet, if you can find them, get a Camacho Select.

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