Country: USA
Wrapper: 1st Generation Cuban Seed Grown in Nicaragua
Filler: 1st Generation Cuban Seed Grown in Nicaragua
Size: 5.5″x50 ring
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The Tatuaje is a fantastic, and beautiful cigar that can be kind of hard to find. Tatuaje is a US cigar manufacturer and these cigars are produced in limited quantities. I understand they are rolled in the same factory as the Padillas down in Miami.

Construction – 9/10
This cigar is beautiful. It has a rich brown wrapper with a little tooth. What little veins it does have are very small and it is wrapped around the cigar perfectly. The cigar is well filled with no soft spots and has a very well done triple cap in the Cuban style. The band is remarkable in its simplicity. It is just a thin straight band of brown paper that says Tatuaje on it flanked by white flor de lis. The band is very classy.

Flavor – 18/20

A delicious full flavored cigar. It started off peppery but that soon gave way to a rich earthy flavor with notes of leather and coffee. The pepper was always there in the background though. The flavor stayed pretty consistent through the whole smoke until the very end where the peppery flavor started to take over again. I smoked this thing until my fingers were burning. If I had a roach clip, I would have probably used it so I could keep going.

Smoking Characteristics – 8/10
The cap clipped cleanly and the draw was sublime. That perfect spot between an easy and medium draw. It burned evenly from the initial light until I had to put it down due to my burning finger tips. It had a nice buzz factor as well. Nothing like what you might get from a Camacho Corojo, but you could definitely feel the effects of this cigar. My only disappointment with this cigar was the ash. It was a little papery on the edges and it did not hold as firmly as I expected from such a well made cigar. It held ok, but there are a lot of cigars whose ash holds firmer than this did.

Price – 4/5
A bit on the pricey side the Tatuaje line appears to start at $9 and change, but given how good this cigar is, I think it’s money well spent.

The Math


I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar and recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good full flavored smoke. The trick is, you have to find one first. I hope that at some point these cigars become more widely available. I have to make a trip down to South Carolina to get them myself.

Update: My local got some of the brown labels in and I got a box. Hurray!

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