Country: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican ?
Wrapper: Broad Leaf Maduro aged in Cognac Barrels
Size: #48 7.0″x48 ring

I don’t have the exact stats on this cigar but above is what I believe to be correct for this stick.

Wow. What a great smoke. The Añejo #48 is a beautifully presented cigar with a cedar wrapped foot accented by a blood red ribbon wrapped around the very bottom. The wrapper is very dark with a little tooth and very few tiny vines. There were not soft spots in this cigar which was well filled with no rib veins visible in the foot or the head. A pre-light draw delivered spicy notes and the wrapper left a slightly sweet taste on the lips. The cigar lit very easily and it had a nice easy to medium draw. This cigar produced a lot of thick white smoke. It was full-bodied and spicy on the tongue with just a hint of sweetness in the aftertaste. The finish was long and spicy. This was a powerful cigar too with an excellent buzz factor. After sitting for the first 45 minutes of this smoke, when I attempted to stand up for the first time, I almost fell right back down. This cigar made my knees a little wobbly. I enjoyed every puff of this cigar, all the way to the nub. Its impressive seven inches took me and hour and forty-five minutes to smoke, but admittedly I took a short break to eat a couple of slices of pizza. It was lasting a long time and a man needs food as well as cigars to survive.
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This was a fantastic cigar that now has me looking forward to smoking some of the other Añjeo vitolas I have resting in my humidor. Maybe I’ll finally smoke one of those Sharks (#77) I have resting.