Country: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Long filler
Wrapper: Cameroon
Size: Corona Minor 4.0″x42 ring

I got this cigar from the guys at It is a very well constructed little cigar. The Cameroon wrapper has a rich brown color with a little tooth. It has a well made cap that cuts nicely and the small ring gauge lights easily. The first few puffs were harsh with a metallic, acrid flavor. It mellowed up quickly and smoked pretty smooth the rest of the way. I don’t commonly smoke these small ring gauges so I had to remind myself to take my time so it didn’t burn to hot. It was worth being patient about it. It had a strong woody flavor with a long smoky finish. The burn on this cigar was perfect, keeping straight for the entire smoke, and the ash held it’s shape perfectly. The ash also seemed to have a death-grip on the cigar. I probably didn’t need to tap it at all but when I did it was difficult to get the ash to let go. If you’re interested in trying this cigar one place you can pick them up is where I got mine. Just click here.

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