Country: Ecuador
Wrapper: Sungrown
Filler: Ecuadoran Puro w/Ecuadoran Swamp Tobacco (“hoja de pantano”)
Size: Petite Corona 4.5″x42 ring

Paul Magier was kind enough to send me a sampler of his new Magus cigars. The sampler contained three cigars. Two red banded and one blue banded Magus cigars. The red banded petite corona is the first one I have had an opportunity to try. Before I get to my thoughts on this smoke, here is a little information on it. Paul was asked about these cigars over on the forum at This is what he said:

From PMagus @
both cigars are Ecuadoran PUROS
both combine Ecaudoran Swamp Tobacco (“hoja de pantano”) with a new tobacco we bred ourselves in the filler. The red label have a sungrown wrapper from the seed that we bred- more on the earthy, rich side. The blue label utilizes a shade grown Ecaudoran sumatra wrapper which imparts a much more peppery flavor. The RED label version was recently rated an 8.9 in SMOKE and 4 out of 5 stars by European Cigar Cult Journal.

So here is my experience of the red band Magus PC:

This cigar has good looking smooth brown wrapper with very small veins throughout. The cap cut nicely, and here were a few rib veins visible in the head. It had a good pre-light draw with a slightly sweet flavor. The cigar lit easily. It started out very spicy with a sweet aftertaste. The spiciness calmed down a bit after the first 5 or 6 draws but it never went away. At this point it also started to develop a unique tangy flavor that I had never tasted in a cigar before. This cigar left a sharp “bite” on the tongue. The burn was perfect, but I felt it smoked a little hot. This cigar was good but the flavor didn’t really suit my tastes. I tend to gravitate to the larger ring gauges. I think I might enjoy the larger sticks he sent. We’ll see when I get to smoking them. If you are looking for something different, and want a cigar that has a unique flavor profile, then you should give this one a try.

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