Country: Honduras
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Filler: Honduran, Nicaraguan and Panamanian long fillers
Size: Crescendo 6.5″x54 ring

I recently tried the Virtuoso Crescendo. A beautiful cigar, well constructed with an oily wrapper, dark chocolate in color. The head cut nicely, and there were no rib veins visible in the filler. There were two surprising things about this cigar. It’s a rather large ring gauge, yet it lit very easily and the burn remained nice and even throughout the smoke. In my experience, lighting the larger gauged cigars can be tricky, and the burn usually goes crooked at some point during the smoke. That wasn’t the case here. The flavor was very consistent the whole way, peppery, with hints of leather and wood. The finish was long and spicy. The cigar created lots of thick creamy smoke. This was a very bold cigar, and I found it to be stronger than your typical Toraño. It had a pretty decent buzz factor, something the other Toraño lines I’ve tried have been missing.

This cigar is a definite must try. This may be Toraño’s best stick yet.